Beyond Business

iNNiut TeamHere at innyoot we have a vision of doing business a new way, we call it going “beyond business“. It’s all about tapping into a space within ourselves that’s free of preconceived ideas and thoughts about how business should be done.

This means tuning into our hearts and letting our wisdom guide us each step of the journey to see what feels right for our business in each moment. Coming to work with a fresh mind each day, instead of having rigid business plans and goals, allowing us to see new opportunities.

Laura-&-Steph (1)We like to create a business where we can be playful in our creations, try out things that we haven’t done before in ways that we haven’t done them before and tap into a space of infinite possibilities rather than adhere to specific business routines and industry standards.

We like to connect with communities locally and globally in new ways, create business opportunities and unique products together.

Kaye & Anya at Anthill Fabric GallerySpecifically for us this means we would like to grow our business organically, rather than go down a traditional route of manufacturing to get our communities lifestyle products into the world.

Learn more about our beyond business approach via our page innypreneurs and find out just how we’re doing things differently here at innyoot.

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