iNNiUT is born

iNNiut LogoIt’s now the 30st January 2015 and we’re 2 weeks into our 90 day impossible goal. We’ve appointed a Footwear Designer & Consultant, called Scott Wills from the Tailored Last to join our 90 day Impossible project. Even Scott who is very experienced in the footwear industry told us just how impossible our project is. We admire his honesty!

Scott sent us some initial designs for our Soul Slippers through and we love them all. We’ve tweaked one of Scott’s initial designs to use as a base for our first ‘official’ prototypes.

Scott hared with us that choosing the right brand name is really important for us be taken seriously by companies like Selfridges and John Lewis. This is when we let go of the name “Soul Slippers” and our brand name “iNNiUT” was born.

iNNiUT means “Inside Outside” in Icelandic. It represents the way we do things “from the inside out” as well as it mirrors the fact that our shoes can be worn “inside” and “outside” (and we love the fact that since we were born in Scotland inny-oot sounds very Scottish!).

We purchased the domain name “ and .com” and registered our company name.

Scott Taylor from Tailored Last

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