Magnets, Rubber, Felt & Co…

Rubber Magnet Felt & CoWho knew that creating slipper boots would take us to strange places on the internet where we learn about how magnets work, what rubber magnetic sheets are, learn about what shearling, felt and faux fur is.

Did you know that magnets have two different poles, a plus and minus pole and that there’s even multipoles out there that have both plus and minus in it? Plus and Minus attract each other and Minus and Minus or Plus and Plus repel each other. Multipole attracts Multipole.

One of the things that’s really fascinating about our project is that we’re opening ourselves up totally to learn something new. In the past we’ve always been experts in our fields, whether it was experts in business management, in sales, in finance, revenue management whereas this project requires us to be students again, experience and learn everything with a new set of eyes.

This is what makes this project so unique, fascinating and wonderful.

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