An Ode to Our Impossible Project

Ode to our impossible goal
We’re jumping right into creation
And dreaming of reaching our goal
We’ve gone right in at the deep end
And we’re creating Slippers with Soul

We’re learning about uppers and outers
And having lots of laughs
Business doesn’t need to be that serious
It’s not all pie charts and graphs

We’ve got no clue about how we’ll do it
Apart from with love and from our heart
We know what we want them to look like
Can someone tell us where to start?

This is new for us, completely trusting source
And creating something new each day
We’ve always been a bit different, a bit ahead of the pack
Or maybe we’re just bonkers, that’s what others may say!

What will happen next?
Where we’ll we end up, who knows?
One thing for sure, we’ll have fun and learn loads
And we’ll always have really, really cosy toes!

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