Our Product Idea

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To create a range of inside outside-slipper boots with detachable soles and which are high quality, trendy and functional. Customers choose their own type of durable sole for the base which can be anything from basic soles to soles with a wedge, indoor & outdoor soles, grip and no grips soles.

The customer then goes on to create their own detachable ‘uppers’ so that people are able to reincarnate their slippers but keep the sole, making it environmentally friendly. The inner linings will make them snugly.

We’ll also have a range of detachable bootie cuffs – so that our customers can accessorise their slipper boots.

Customers will be able to personalise their own Soul Slippers and choose from a wide range of pre-selected patterns available. Individual people who are passionate about designing & knitting patterns, professional designers and celebrities can contribute patterns which will create a wide range of basic patterns, personalised patterns, seasonal patterns to guest patterns which we call “Signature Style Soul Slippers”.

We will have seasonal uppers for Christmas, winter & summer time as well as create uppers for different purposes i.e. to give away as corporate gift with personalised branding, to go to afternoon tea, to match glamorous outfits, for being at home, slippers to go out dancing, slippers for outdoor adventures, slippers for going to work…

There will be “Soul Slipper Sister Groups” who will design the patterns and the Soul Slippers will be manufactured using our “Soul Trade” principles of being environmentally & soul friendly, offering a fair soul exchange for workers and provide soulful work environments.

The Soul Slippers will come in a cool bag with a wise quote that turns people into their innate wisdom. We will source a soulful office to work from called “Slipper Island”.

Since we also have a passion for turning people to their innate wisdom, we came up with the idea to create extended products under the “Soul Slippers” umbrella where we can create Soul Slipper Talks & Books to share our experience of creating our Soul Slipper Company a as well host Soul Slipper Events for people to show off their latest pair of Soul Slippers & introduce signature style slippers.

This was the start of our limitless “Soul Slipper” Journey with infinite potentials. We will keep you updated over the next 90 days on how our journey unfolds and expands.

Soul Greetings from the Soul Slipper Sisters

Kaye, Steph & Dani


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