Slipper Storming

Blog_8_Image_Slipper_StormingOne more person joined our Impossible project to create a slipper boot in 90 days. May we introduce to you, Maria Mullane. Maria is a Design Lecturer and Consultant and is currently the Programme Director for Product Design at the Edinburgh College of Art. Maria has an impressive product design history having worked with Leckie, Kenwood and and Trunki in the past and helped with Textile Design.

Maria has an amazing knowledge about different textiles and knows how textiles react, their strengths and weaknesses and she brings a whole different dynamic to the project. Rather than using the usual “textiles” for our slippers ie rubber for the sole, we’re playing with the idea of using magnets and rubber magnetic tape for our sole to ensure the outer detachable sole attaches to the slipper boot. We might even cook our own sole using rubber and liquid magnets.

Maria & Scott met us for a slipper storming session up in Edinburgh and we had an amazing day of storming up different materials that we could use for the outdoor sole.

It’s great to have such a versatile team on board where everyone has different strengths and experiences. We’re excited to do thing differently and break the rules of the footwear industry.

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