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As we’ve shared with you in our previous posts, we want to 3D print our indoor and outdoor sole for the Inside-Outside Slipper that we’re creating. Since we don’t have any experience in 3D printing, we’re just learning about the industry and making our first connections.Sneaker Printer

We want to ensure we fully understand the process from design to end product in order for us to be able to manufacture our indoor & outdoor soles using 3D printing ourselves. The footwear industry currently uses 3D printing only to create prototypes, however we wanted to see whether we can be one of those pioneers using 3D printing for manufacturing and be ahead of the industry.

Spool of FilaflexWe learnt the other day that 3D printers itself are huge, they come with their own little house and that we would need to use a filament like Filaflex for the printing.  A spool of Filaflex looks like this. (love the color!)

Filaflex ShoesWe always get excited when we see new things being 3D printed like this shoe from Recreus .

Since 3D printers are still a bit slow, they need about 1 hour to produce 1 sole. So with 1 printer we could probably manufacture about 24 soles a day. Which is pretty cool for a small business and we could obviously buy more printers and 3D print soles simultaneously. If you want to see a video of an insole being 3D printed using Filaflex, you can check out this cool VIDEO over here.

We also found exciting 3D print courses at SLEM in Netherlands that are all about learning how to create your own CAD file, so you can turn your 2D idea into a 3D design and then 3D print your shoes (or soles in our case) using Filaflex and the new sneaker printer called Lewihe. Those courses though are for more advanced people that already have footwear design skills.

Hence we are eyeing up potentials of doing some really exciting courses with Mike Friton first. Mike used to work for Nike for the past 30 years and he calls himself an Innovator, freelance shoemaker, weaver and paper sculptor.

We would love to meet him and learn from him. Check out his exciting VIDEO and his cool craft. Isn’t he super cool and innovative! Let’s see what opportunities unfold for us.

Mike Friton

Kaye has also just come back from an exciting trip to LA where she has been learning more about the 3 Principles with Michael Neill. Kaye and Steph are investing this year to do lots of courses with the One Thought Institute in order to become accredited 3 Principles Coaches and to use those coaching skills for our other business Torus Tree in the future. Torus Tree will support businesses by turning people to their innate wisdom. So you can see there’s lots of stuff going on at our end.

We’ve decided to follow our passion this year, so we are doing things and learning things in a way that flows with the natural flow of our lives, rather than trying to force and make things happen in a particular time frame. Since we’re all multi passionate about many things, different passions pull at different times. Hence we’re allowing for all our passions to be part of this process and trust that it will all be created and unfold in the perfect time.


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