Marking the end of our 90 day Impossible Goal

End of Impossible Goal

Today we’re marking the end of our 90 day impossible goal
To create a trendy slipper company within 90 days and produce our first pair of
functional, cool, high quality slipper boots with detachable sole”

Hence we like to give an update on what we’ve achieved and learnt so far about the creation process in those 90 days and share with you our next steps on the slipper journey. 

Have we achieved our goal?

No, but it was never our intention in the first place to achieve our goal within the 90 day time frame. The whole idea of having an impossible goal with an impossible deadline, was to stretch ourselves beyond the limitations of what we believe was possible and act from that space.  Doing things that we would normally never do because we would deem them “impossible”. At the same time it was also about not forcing things when they weren’t flowing just to try and make a deadline, it was about staying in the creation process and allowing the right things to come to us in the right time, regardless of the deadline or when we wanted to have things done by.

What have we achieved/created in those 90 days?

Physical Creations:

  • few felt boot prototypes
  • few boot cuffs
  • 3D printed outdoor sole
  • shoe lasts
  • website, blog & branding

We don’t yet have a final slipper prototype that we’re happy with for manufacturing as we’re still in a learning phase, learning what’s important when creating shoes as well as learning about 3D printing. So there’s still a lot of adjusting going on at the moment, from adjusting the designs to shape.

Team Spirit:

We now have a team together of 6 people, consisting of:

  • Katie our Master Crafter
  • Iain our Investor
  • Scott our Freelance Shoe Designer
  • Kaye, Steph & Dani – The 3 Slipper Sisters & business spirits behind iNNiut

and we made some nice connections already within the 3D Print industry as well as found some great potential suppliers.


We had a lot of learnings in those 90 days around

  • 3D Printing
  • Fabrics & Materials
  • Recycling of Soles
  • Assembling our slippers
  • Slipper Designs
  • Manufacturing

What else has happened in those 90 days that wasn’t related to Slippers?

At the begin of our 90 day Impossible Goal we mentioned that we had a few personal goals that we wanted to achieve and programme into our GPS on the way. So rather than having just the “slipper journey” as our end destination, we also programmed in a few other bits:

Kaye wanted to have some time for travelling and studying the Three Principles, which she has achieved and is continuing to do this year and next. Kaye’s already been to exciting locations this year like Florida, California, Cornwall.

Steph wanted to spend more time with family and also study the Three Principles along with Kaye, which she has achieved and is continuing to do this year and next year.

Dani wanted to clear her debt of 4K and move into a nice flat with her boyfriend. Dani cleared her debt by 2K and now lives in a super nice flat which we also use as an office for iNNiut. She moved up from London to Edinburgh, enjoying the peace and quiet Edinburgh has to offer.

What have we learnt about the creation process?

Programme your destination into your GPS, so the GPS knows where you’re going on your creative journey. If you have more than 1 goal, programme that into the GPS too, so it can take your other goals into account as well and create a route that factors in all those variables for you. You can choose an easy, fast, slow, enjoyable route and programme that into the GPS as well. Then let the GPS aka universal mind guide you.

There’s a difference between allowing the creation process to naturally unfold or forcing it, wanting things to happen on your own terms (the later causes a lot of stress and sleepless nights).

Interrupting industry patterns can bring up resistance in the people around, telling you “It can’t be done”. We learnt to incorporate that feedback rather than letting it stop us. Doing things our way, in our time frame…staying true to ourselves.

What’s next on the slipper journey?

As shared in our previous blog post, we have contacted “the Innovator”, Mike Friton to attend a 3 day workshop with him in Portland, Oregon to learn about:

  • The relationship between foot, last and shoe
  • Draft a last and learn how to develop a pattern
  • Materials and Construction Methods
  • Draping Techniques & Assembling of Prototypes
  • Braiding & Weaving Techniques

So we’re now off to Portland, Oregon next week Tuesday on the 14th April 2015 to attend the above workshop with Mike Friton as a team. Katie, Kaye, Steph, Dani and Iain are all going on the trip together. Not only are we doing the course with Mike but Katie our Master Crafter has also already scheduled in lots of social activities for our trip…everything from Voodoo doughnuts eating, Acro Yoga, Visiting Crafty Markets to Forest Park Evening Runs.

There’s going to be lots of fun, banter and hopefully beautiful slipper creations.

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