Next Phase of Prototyping at Slipper Island


Whilst Kaye has been nurturing the relationship with ANTHILL Fabric Gallery in the Philippines, finding out more about the fabric making & ordering process, and getting some slipper designs rendered by the designer from ANTHILL Fabric Gallery, we’ve been busy here at Slipper Island creating the next phase of our slipper prototypes.

Katie PrototypingKatie our Master Crafter has produced a masterpiece with her latest prototype. We so so LOVE this slipper prototype made out of 100% 1mm blue wool felt for the slipper and the upper part made out of Harris Tweed fabric, married with a dynamic material made of Spandex, giving it the stretch factor.

Katies PrototypesKatie initially planned to copy a slipper design that Steph has made during our workshop in Portland, however creativity took on its own course and voila that’s what came out of it. Stunning design Katie!

Katie has also been busy experimenting with “pleating” and “cutting” techniques and using Neoprene to make the slipper more solid. Those prototypes look absolutely gorgeous!

DDani Prototypingani has been doing lots of online research on cool shoe & sole designs as well as finding accessories for the slippers to inspire us on our slipper creation journey. She’s also been busy experimenting with different cutting techniques, creating paper slipper designs, playing with different colors for our prototypes and stylising our slippers.

We’re all super proud of ourselves for the big leaps we’ve been making over the past months with our prototype designs compared to when we started out a few months ago. Remember the gigantic slipper prototype from Dani? An amazing evolution of slippers that has already taken place here at Slipper Island.

Spicing it up iN styleSteph has been busy registering our company on Company House. We’re now very excited that we’re officially registered as iNNiut as of end of April 2015.Mikes Origami

And we also had a lovely skype chat last week with Mike Friton, who is currently devoting some time to play with the creation of an Origami inspired sole for us.

We discovered that we really love creating with our hands and turning nothing into something. So we are curious to see what’s going to unfold over the coming weeks and how our slippers will further evolve.

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