Cuffs, slippers and more cuffs…


We devoted the past few days playing with cuff prototypes for our detachable and interchangeable cuffs that will accompany our slippers.

Kaye & Dani went out to buy some fabrics last weekend to create some cuffs themselves, being self appointed designers and all. Check out some of the creations Kaye & Dani have come up with which will be further refined over the next coming weeks to make them more functionable and easy to put on:

We also had a “cuff meeting” yesterday where we came up with the idea to have slippers as well as cuffs that can be turned inside out, in line with our inside out nature.

Inside Out Slipper

The idea is for the slipper and cuff to have a plain fabric on one side and a patterned fabric on the other side, allowing our customers to have 8 different ways of wearing their slippers.

Dani had a go at creating an inside outside cuff and slipper herself, using two different fabrics and two different colors for the stitching.

The images on the left show 1 slipper with detachable cuff and the many variations of how to wear it.

Dani was totally amazed by her own hand sewing and stitching skills, not having used her crafting skills since college.

Katie our Master Crafter has also continued to further refine our slipper prototypes over the past weeks.

We had asked Katie to create a V-Shape slipper for us. You can see she sneaked in a christmas slipper too.

Finally, we have also started our research on clever mechanisms for our detachable sole and will have more news to share with you on that over the next couple of months.


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