Slipper Expressions…

Last week Dani & Kaye have continued to play with various different patterns, colour combinations as well as designs for our “Inside Out Slippers and Uppers”, creating more slipper and cuff prototypes. We’ve been using fabrics used for upholstery from John Lewis as well as Dani has cut up pillowcases, blankets, T-Shirts and duvet covers to try out various patterns that would go well for our slippers and cuffs.

Our globetrotter Kaye has also been fabric hunting in Seville, Spain to create the beautiful “Seville Fringe Cuff” as shown in the images below.

May we introduce to you the many slipper designs that we have been playing with here at Slipper Island over the past week:

Knitted Slipper with StripesThe Stripy Knit SlipperYellow Ikat SlipperYellow Ikat Slipper

Seville Fringe Cuff
Seville Fringe Cuff

Geometric SlipperThe Geometric SlipperFlowery Ankle Boot with Indoor SoleThe Flower Ankle Boot Accentuated Dual Colour Slipper Dual Color Slipper Accentuated Summary 1

Slipper Onesie aka Slipper BootSlipper Boot Summary
Hulk SlipperT-Shirt Slipper Summary 1_The Hulk

Ballerina SlipperBallerina Slipper Summary

Inside Out Slipper Bag

We have also created a slipper bag where slipper lovers can take their slippers and cuffs with to slipper parties. The bag will come with a beautiful quote, turning people to their innate wisdom.

Bag Summary

Laundry Bag

And last but not least we also created a laundry bag for slippers and cuffs to go in when they need washing, so they don’t get damaged during the washing cycle.

Laundry Bag

Kaye has also started to play with detachable outdoor sole ideas, but more on that in our next blog.

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