A sole with soul

In our last blog we promised to share a little bit about our outdoor sole idea. Whilst we can’t share much as we have yet to patent the mechanism for the sole, the little bit we can share is that the sole is going to be very futuristic. It will be a detachable snap on sole, innovated by Mike Friton.

We feel very honored to be working with Mike together on bringing his biomodial snap on sole idea into form and being the first to apply the idea to our slippers.

Mike has visited Kaye in Italy to demonstrate how the sole will work. It was genius watching Mike at work using a plastic bottle to showcase his idea. He’s a very resourceful man. Mike also came to Edinburgh last week to share with us some tips and tricks on how to further develop our slipper, indoor and outdoor sole.

20150721_113316_1024We took Mike on a little sightseeing trip through Edinburgh, showing him the Scottish National Gallery, Royal Mile, Dovecot Studios and a Tartan weaving mill exhibition.

20150722_111934_1024Mike also had his friend Ingrid from Norway with him, who hand made a wooden last for us.

We will be visiting Mike again in Portland, Oregon at the begin of September for 3 days to further develop the outdoor sole idea together.

Kaye SewingJust before Mike came to visit, we also bought ourselves a sewing machine and had some sewing lessons with Katie, our Master Crafter. It feels exciting using a sewing machine as neither one of us could have pictured ourselves using one just a few months back. You can see Kaye’s first attempts at making a straight line.2015-07-25_15.37.03_1024

We are currently also focusing on adding elastic in all the right places on the slipper to make the slipper more dynamic and allow for a more standardised sizing. Our aim is to only have 5 sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, hence our slippers would need to stretch to fit 2 shoe sizes. We learnt that adding elastic in the back, girth and front allows the slipper to stretch with the foot.

We are also finalising the slipper pattern in order to then grade the pattern to all the different sizes. We are using Harris Tweed Fabrics, Pendleton Fabrics, Anthill Fabrics and fabric we bought in Amsterdam for our current slipper prototypes to experiment with different fabrics and looks.

11800381_809230859198404_616268361290131205_n  20150724_150708_1024 (1)  20150724_150651_1024 (1)All 3 of us are currently on holidays. Kaye has been creating slippers while cruising on a boat with Iain in Croatia whilst Dani has been fabric shopping in Amsterdam and slipper creating in Vienna. Steph has been busy taking her family out holidaying to France.Blog1Our aim is to start selling our slippers and cuffs from November onward via our own website as well as via Etsy, with the detachable outdoor sole following a bit later. Here’s a little sneak peak into our latest prototypes.Blog 2

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