Live, Love, Wear Slippers

New HabitatA lot of stuff has happened since our last blog post.

First of all Slipper Island has moved offices and we now enjoy working from lovely Cramond in Edinburgh where Iain’s parents have given us their basement to work from. We moved our fabrics and sewing machines over and got ourselves some new furniture. This is us in our new habitat.

Mike Friton who you still remember from our previous posts has been in touch with us to send us the latest slipper pattern and pattern gradings for all the different shoe sizes.

We had a go at using Mike’s pattern gradings and experienced some interesting results. At the moment our slippers come out in different sizes when we aim to make a specific shoe size, some come out tighter, some smaller or bigger than others. We suspect there’s something wrong with our sewing machine and it’s not our sewing skills that need to be improved. Ahem!

Kaye has also been busy making slipper and cuff prototypes to test what fabric and colour combinations would work well together. We love how vibrant and unique our slippers are. It’s so exciting to see our dream slowly come to life.Kayes CreationsKaye & Dani have also started playing with accessorizing the cuffs, creating a unique garter to go around the cuff, making our cuffs even more versatile.

Slipper Garters 2
We’ve also been further developing our slipper bags. The slogan “Live, Love, Wear Slippers” came to Kaye’s mind a few weeks ago and we all instantly fell in love with it. We thought it would be a great idea to stamp the slogan onto our bags. So we ordered all the necessary ingredients for Katie our Master Crafter to have a go at making bag prototypes. She’s done an amazing job bringing the bags to life.Live Love Wear Slipper Bags

Steph has been busy visiting Edinburgh University and Strathclyde University to see whether we could get a group of graduate students involved to help us with the development of our detachable outdoor sole. We wanted to use a more organic approach and get students with an engineer’s mind involved that can work on our detachable outdoor sole idea over the next coming year. We’ve had some great responses and are invited to present our idea at Strathclyde Uni next month.

Steph has also been to Birmingham to find suitable material for our indoor sole. We found one material we like called Leatherette (which is faux leather) and are currently doing some testing with bonding both sole and slipper material together.

AnyaLast but not least we had a great chat with Anya from Anthill Gallery, which is our fabric supplier in the Philippines. Anya has found some weaving tribes that are open to our idea of weaving elastic into the fabric, making the fabric stretchier so that potentially our slippers could cover 2 shoe sizes. She is currently sourcing suitable elastic and will be doing some testing over the coming months. We also learnt that there is another community in the Philippines that potentially could help us with fabric cutting. This way we would receive the fabric already pre cut and it means that our slipperpreneurs and us have an easier time making the slippers.

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