Diving into the world of laser cutting & big respect to Ru

2015-11-07_13.40.57After having done many slipper prototypes over the past months, we noticed how challenging it is to cut fabric really accurately by hand. It’s not so easy to cut the fabric precisely to follow the slipper pattern without sometimes cutting bits away from the fabric or leave some on where there shouldn’t be any. Since certain parts of our slipper pattern need to align perfectly to ensure a good fit and look, we wanted to find a way to precision cut our fabrics. So laser cutting sprung to our minds to make our lives easier.

2015-11-07_13.39.11Kaye signed us all up for a taster laser cutting course with Jenny Smith at the Edinburgh Laser Cutting Studio . It’s a 2 hours course to get an introduction into the world of laser cutting, from watching a laser cutter operate, learn about the types of laser cutters out there, get a taster for the laser cutting software and we were even allowed to laser cut material & fabrics ourselves by either using cutting or engraving.

Jenny opened our worlds to the many things that can be done with laser cutting from laser cutting paper to create beautiful personalised greeting cards, from engraving into wood, acrylic or plastic, to creating beautiful jewellery and decorations for the home. We could already see us making some beautiful jewellery and accessories using laser cutting in the future.

2015-11-07_13.43.29The part we enjoyed the most was getting our hands dirty at laser cutting. Kaye created a key ring for Rupert that says “Ruspect”. Rupert is the husband of Katie our Master Crafter and he had asked for some respect of the family. We hope he’s pleasantly surprised by the many ways respect comes to him. Steph has created a little key ring for her daughter Eilidh and Dani created an innyoot sole.

2015-11-07_13.41.38We really enjoyed our time at Jenny’s studio and are hoping to come back in the next month for a 2 day course of laser cutting to have a go at jewellery and accessories making ourselves.

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