Meet Our Slippervisors & Sole Masters

Every successful slipper business should have Slippervisors as part of their team. Meet our two lovely Slippervisors, Mhairi and Gladys. Mhairi (on the left) is Iain’s mum who allowed us to turn her basement from an art studio into Slipper Island and Gladys (on the right) is Mhairi’s long term friend. They often attend sewing circles together.
Slippervisors Mhairi and GladysYou see it’s gotten quite busy at Slipper Island since we started to prepare and make slippers ‘n’ cuffs for our testers, for Tenterden market in Kent where we will display our slippers for market research in December, as well as make 50 pairs of slippers for our friends & family this christmas. Now as you can see, that’s quite a lot of slippers ‘n’ cuffs to make ourselves between now and christmas. Hence we had to ask for help from our Slippervisors.

Mhairi & Gladys didn’t hesitate and started preparing the first bags together with Katie our Master Crafter who supported us from afar with creating the bag making procedure, as well as creating a few bags herself to send up to us. This is what it looks like when Slipper Island gets busy.
Slippervisors at work

Slipper Crime SceneDani helped with rubber stamping the bags with ink and she also started to map out all the patterns for our orders onto fabric. It started to look like a “Slipper Crime Scene” with all those slipper and cuff outlines on the floor. Steph helped with cutting out the fabrics and drawing the slipper outlines onto our liner fabric.

We finished making our first 3 pairs of test slippers and gave them away to Fiona, Jane and Mhairi. You can see Mhairi our Slippervisor modelling our red and blue striped slippers and cuffs. We think she looks lovely in those.

Test Slippers

Finally we also had our first meeting with our student group from Strathclyde University, who are going to devote this and next year to developing our detachable outdoor sole mechanism. Meet Natalie, Callum, Roddy and Andrew, we like to call them our Sole Masters, since they’re in their final year at uni, doing their masters degree in Product Design and Engineering. We’ve scheduled a skype call next week with Mike Friton and our Sole Masters, for Mike to introduce his detachable outdoor sole idea to the students. He will share more about how the foot works and what to watch out for when making a sole. We keep you posted on the progress of our sole over the next year.

Slipper Masters

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