Our first sale

Whilst we’re technically still in our testing phase and our slippers aren’t yet ready for sale, Kaye couldn’t resist making an exception for this lovely lady that she met when exhibiting our slippers for market research at Tenterden Christmas Market in Kent last weekend.

Tenterden MarketMorag who originally hails from Aberdeen really wanted to get a pair of slippers and cuffs for her granddaughter for Christmas when she saw our slippers on display at the market. What’s so lovely about this being our first sale is that Morag happened to be one of the first students when Strathclyde University was formed in the 50s and you might remember from our previous blog post that our student group working on our detachable sole idea, is from Strathclyde Uni too. What a coincidence. We made her granddaughter a pair of slippers and cuffs from our purple-pink Harris Tweed with pink Anthill fabric and shipped them off yesterday.

Kaye and our Master Crafter Katie had a really lovely time at the christmas market together. Katie who was selling her crafts from “Crafted by Katie” was so kind to share some of her market space with us so we could do our research. Kaye received lots of great feedback on our slippers and cuffs. The general feel was that people loved our product, some people wanted to buy our slippers and some of the “top crafters” gave us some feedback on quality improvements on our sewing skills.

It’s gotten even busier at slipper island since our last blog post so we had to get more equipment in to make the slipper making process easier for us. Steph had the task of setting up Ikea Tables in our workshop. As you can see she’s a professional at it with the table standing on three and a half legs and half a leg resting on a sewing basket. Iain came to the rescue yesterday, fixing our broken leg and setting up even more tables.

Table Building
Our slippers have also gone global over the past week with some pairs of slippers and cuffs going to New Zealand, Austria, Malta and Canada for more testers to give us feedback.

Slipper Making
We also finished 15 pairs of slippers and cuffs to give away to the SK Chase team for x-mas. This is us with the SK Chase team showing off our slippers and cuffs.

SK Chase Christmas20151216_111358We still have another 26 pairs of test slippers to make and give away between now and christmas. We’ve recruited more Slipperpreneurs to help us. Iain our Investor had to get his hands dirty too and who would have thought, he’s turned out to be the best tailor in our team, precision sewing our slippers. We’re sweet talking him into making more slippers each day.

We learnt loads by giving ourselves the task to make all these test slippers. So far we’ve experimented with different slipper and cuff combos, learnt about sizing, thanks to Gladys we learnt how to improve our cuff without having to top stitch and Iain has just added a unique red stitching to our slippers for the V-flap.

And thanks to Kaye we even created a new slipper design for the heel less slipper for those people wanting to free their heel.
Iains Red Stitching and Heelless Slipper
Last but not least we also had another day with Jenny Smith from Edinburgh Laser Studio to test and lasercut all our fabrics used for slipper making. We tested our foam used for insole, neoprene for indoor sole as well as our Harris Tweed fabrics and Jersey Liner. All went through the Lasercutting bed okay and we’re chuffed at how amazing and neat the laser cutted fabric looks and how much it speeds up the fabric cutting process. The only challenge was that the lasercutter had shrunk our Harris Tweed fabrics by a bit which reduced our seam allowance and makes the sewing proccess more challenging as a result. We now know to increase our seam allowance for the next round of laser cutting.

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