Slippy Slippers, Sole Transformations & More Time with Mike

As you might remember from our lastResoling blog post in December, we made about 60 pair of test slippers for our friends and family before christmas. We had received a range of feedback from most people loving the fabrics, colours, style and sock like structure of our slippers to other people sharing that their slippers were too small or tight, they prefered a more structured slipper and that they had issues with the Neoprene indoor sole coming off. One feedback in particular was that our slippers were really slippy on tiled and wet surfaces and that the slippers turned into skis. So we sent out an e-mail to our testers to send their slippers back for resoling. We cut out indoor soles from a non slip faux leather material and stitched them on with a blanket stitch using a whipping twine.

SlipperpreneursMaking that many test slippers was really helpful for us because we now better understood what challenges our slipperpreneurs might experience in the future, from grading the slippers to different sizes, to fabric cutting, how much seam allowance to use for our pattern as well as the kind of sewing language we use in our training and communication with our slipperpreneurs. We also learnt about the fabric ordering process, turnaround times, fabric costs and how long it takes to make slippers and cuffs.

We loved the fact that different slipperpreneurs came to the rescue to support us with the making of our test slippers last month. Thank you Mhairi, Gladys, Iain and Katie for your amazing support.

Last week Mike Friton came to visit us again to remind us how to pattern make, make a paper last and we played with pattern making for a slipper sock prototype.
Mikes Footwear Lessons
Lunch with Mike and StudentsOur Sole Masters came to visit too and together we learnt more about the anatomy of the foot. Mike even showed off some of his origami skills and helped decipher Kaye’s origami slipper pattern to make a flat pattern out of it.

IMG_20160131_002035The students had no problem creating their own paper lasts as well as playing with Origami, being all mechanical and engineer savvy.

At the end of the day we heard Calum, one of our Sole Masters say that he might want to become a Footwear Designer in the future. It looks like the time with Mike was inspiring not only for us but for the students too.

20160127_145618There was one odd drawing though which we wanted to share with you. It should have been the outline of Roddy’s foot but we have a feeling something must have gotten wrong along the way and it turned into something completely different, ahem. Let’s not use this drawing as last for our slipper, shall we.

Slicing TechniquesMike also showed us some cool slicing techniques on how to slice the sole to make it more flexible and move with the foot.

We took Mike out for lunch to the Crammond Falls Cafe near our workshop. Phew it was windy that day and the tides were high. Jane who is Iain’s brother’s wife also came along to spend the 3 days with us and Mike. We had a lovely time exploring many slipper creations together and we can’t wait to see Mike again in the future.Innyoot Girls, Jane & Mike at Crammond FallsLast but not least we have received a slipper selfie from Iain’s pair of slippers. Iain is helping an old friend deliver a luxury yacht from Gibraltar to the Caribbean and they’re currently in the Canary Islands. We guess it must have been too hot for Iain to wear his slippers, so they had time off to lounge on the yacht enjoying the beautiful view. We’re so jealous!!!

Iains Slippers going on a yacht trip

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