Erin & Dee join our community

Erin PhotoToday we’d like to introduce you to the lovely Erin & Dee, both joined our slipper world in the past weeks.

Erin lives in Vermont in the US and she found us online when looking for slippers with non slip soles. Erin has 3 children, is a very talented crafter and pattern maker and would like to set up a small craft business.

We invited Erin for a short skype chat to introduce her to our product and our Slipperpreneur idea. Since Erin loves slippers, we thought she might be perfect with helping us set up the Erin Slippersinfrastructure for our Slipperpreneurs, providing us with feedback on our processes.

After our call we sent Erin our flat pack slipper kit including fabrics, pattern and instructions on how to make our slippers. Erin played with adding a PU sole onto our slippers and she changed some of the procedures to make our slippers more robust and easier to sew together. See the results for yourself.

DeeDee who is a very good friend of Iain, Kaye and Steph lives in Dunbar, a beautiful coastal town in Scotland. She also has 3 children, is a trained midwife and current a massage therapist. Dee loves sewing, is currently doing a pattern making course and she’s part of a craft circle that meets regularly. We invited Dee to come over to our workshop last week and we gave her the grand tour through Slipper Island. Dee Slippers

We shared with her our innyoot story and showcased some of our past prototypes. At the end we gave Dee a little slipper pack too so she could have a go at making slippers herself.

Dee sent us these pictures the next day. She had made her own pair of slippers out of Tartan fabric. WE LOVE THEM! We are so happy to have Erin and Dee join our community.

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