Our Story


Our-Story1We are Kaye, Steph & Dani; three entrepreneurial women with a passion to create a soulful business.

We’ve known each other for years and we’ve all co-created and worked together at a business called SK Chase, an online gift voucher business specialising in luxury hotels, which Kaye & Steph set up in 2003.

Last year Kaye learnt about an online programme called “Creating the Impossible” with Michael Neill, which is designed to inspire people to create something from nothing, to create something which they believe to be way beyond their capabilities. The whole point of the 90 day programme is to pick a goal that you know you will fail at, so you can stretch yourself and take different actions towards your goal that you wouldn’t normally take. We agreed to experience the “Creating the Impossible” programme together to see what we could create individually and together over the duration of the programme.

On the 14th January 2015 we came together for our first meeting, it was the start of the Creating the Impossible Programme and the start of our 90 day goal. During our meeting we gave ourselves permission to share what our personal goals were, everything from taking a year out to travel, to do more courses, spending more time with family, paying off debt, moving flats etc.

Sometime into the conversation Kaye asked whether we had a shared impossible goal that we could all co-create together.

Dani shared that just before Christmas, she had a sleepless night where she had a vision of creating a slipper company, producing slippers with various trendy patterns. She had already let go of the Slipper boot idea though the very next morning as she felt it was impossible to create such venture on her own. She felt discouraged as she had no experience of the manufacturing process.

When Dani shared her vision with Kaye & Steph, they immediately fell in love with the idea and we agreed to create our very own slippers and have this as our 90 day Impossible Goal.

The next few hours were magical as our souls revealed the wisdom for a journey that we were about to embark on. It’s hard to put into words but all 3 of us allowed ourselves to reveal information about the slipper business bit by bit without forcing it with our mind.

Ideas were flying around about the name of the business, taglines, how we were going to run the business, the ethics of our business. We went on a creative process without limitations.

We’ve never created a business from that space before and all 3 of us went from a place of being super excited to a place of astonishment, wondering whether it could be that simple and easy to create a new business without limitations. It felt like we came up with ideas for our business in 4 hours that we might not have had in an entire year. We all felt very playful and this is when we came up with our product idea for our Slipper business.

Steph, Kaye and Dani have decided to commit themselves to “innyoot” even after the 90 day goal was over, falling in love with slippers, soles, cuffs and the idea to create a soulful business, making the world a more comfortable place, one slipper at a time.

Our vision since then has expanded to create an open source collaboration between pattern makers, designers, seamstresses, inventors, crafters and artists to design, make and sell slippers and lifestyle products. It’s like an international co-op for crafters.

Learn more about our community of “innypreneurs”and find out how our vision has evolved over the past year.

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