The Slipper

– Sock Like, honoring the foot
– Simple Design with Signature V Flap
– Insole & Indoor Sole to keep feet warm
– Natural & Dynamic fabric, woven by global & national weaving tribes using natural fibres
– Zero Fabric Waste

The Cuff

– Hourglass Shape
– Contemporary Pattern with elastic to stretch to different calf sizes
– Can be turned inside out & worn both ways
– One side plain & other side patterned fabric to mix & match with the slippers
– Detachable & Interchangeable
– People can knit and attach their own cuffs to our slippers in addition to buying from our range of cuffs
– Cuffs can also be worn over boots and sneakers

Innyoot 2
The Cuff Accessories
– to personalise your cuffs even further

Slipper Garters 4 The Detachable Sole
– Clip On Sole, to be snapped around the slipper
– Easy to attach and detach without use of hands
– Light Outdoor Use
– Durable
– Recyclable

Outdoor Sole
The Slipper Bag
– can be used as laundry bag to wash slippers when dirty


If you like to follow our slipper evolution from idea, concept, design to production, be sure to stay tuned via our blog or register your interest via the home page.

Whilst our current product focus is the designing, making & selling of slippers, cuffs and detachable soles, we will soon be extending our product range to include other lifestyle products.

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