StephStephanie Wilson – The Nurturer

Steph is lovingly called “The Nurturer”, with 2 children, 3 businesses and a husband to nurture, she gives innyoot her love, by ensuring there’s enough funding and investments available for us to continue trading. She nurtures the relationships with potential designers, manufacturers & investment partners and ensures there’s a potential match both culturally and commercially. Last but not least, Steph also tunes into her wisdom for the natural unfolding of our business, navigating and keeping us on track with what we need to focus on now and next.

Steph loves being close to nature, walks by the sea and in forests; She loves running and she likes to be engaged in her local community. Steph is also a poetess, writing slipper poems for innyoot.

Kaye Taylor – The Interrupter

Kaye is lovingly called “The Interrupter” because she truly is a rule breaker in business and life. Kaye’s latest passion is to break the rules of the footwear industry and be a creator, do things that have never done before in ways that have never been done before. Thinking out of the box and doing what feels right in each moment. Kaye’s role at innyoot is being a Designer, Fabric Hunter and Slipper-preneur.

Kaye loves short bursts of exercise and longer spells of yoga, reading and free-style dancing.

“I know I’m here to experience being alive – and embracing all that that brings….slippers, cuffs and all that jazz…”

Daniela Eichberger – The Dreamer

Dani is lovingly called “The Dreamer” because she had a dream of slippers one night that led to the creation of “innyoot”. She continues to have visions in her dreams of slippers with various patterns. She now has a pen and paper handy to draw patterns at any time of the night.

Dani’s role at innyoot is to Dream, Research, Design, Play with Paper Slipper Prototypes, look after Sales, Marketing and cultivate relationships.

Dani’s passion is to color the world, one slipper at a time.

Katie Ireland – The Master Crafter

Kaye’s sister Katie has been appointed to be our Master Crafter. She has a passion for sewing and she recently bought herself a sewing machine. We asked Katie for help with our first range of slipper and cuff prototypes as neither Steph, Kaye or Dani have any sewing or knitting skills.

Katie also has her own website called “Crafted by Katie” and her own online shop via Etsy.

You can check out some of Katie’s amazing prototypes here.

Iain Taylor – The Investor

Iain is Kaye’s husband and is affectionately known as Mr Pie Hands by her family; he’s an entrepreneur, investor, sailor, snow-board instructor, WordPress meet-up Host, property developer, shoe lover and tap dancer to boot. He loves supporting Kick-starter projects (and has bought LOTS of cool and innovative pairs of shoes through this medium) and has recently invested in an exciting and fast growing company in the US called Fashion Metric, so already has an interest in the world of fashion. He has invested money into innyoot and his company E-Zone continues to support us by managing our website.

Last but not least, Iain has amazing braiding skills which you can see on our slipper prototypes that we made during our trip to Portland.

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